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Random Reads 01: Because I Need To (Because You Are Mine) by Beth Kery

Welcome to the first Random Reads hosted by ImLovingBooks! I’ve decided to join because it’s fun and it can also help sweep out my TBR shelf!

Random.org picked out a number for me and it’s Because I Need To by Beth Kery. Fortunately since I already have a lot to read for May, this was a short read and it’s quite good! Let’s check this out:

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Ian’s mysterious past continues to cast a shadow over his relationship with Francesca—once again changing the rules of attraction—as national bestselling author Beth Kery’s Because You Are Mine continues…

After time away, Ian pursues Francesca once again. She can’t resist him, despite his secrecy…. As their relationship deepens, Ian begins to take pleasure in teaching her his strengths while she tempts him with the beauty of spontaneity and the rush of letting go of control. And for a while, they do let go…

It’s intoxicating and it’s exhilarating as they indulge themselves in the sweet, addictive fruit of passion. But as Francesca knows, when pleasure gets this intense, the quick burn-out can be devastating. For Ian’s secrets have tested Francesca yet again, leaving her to despair that the one man with whom she has become obsessed is the one man she may never really have.

My Thoughts

Also seen on Goodreads.

Honestly I didn’t read the synopsis at all before reading this so I didn’t have idea about it. My friend just gave me a copy when he saw me reading Fifty Shades of Grey and he thought I might like this too and , this one I think is yes damn short but hotter right from the start. The first chapter started off head-on steamy – no buts and ifs. The lead characters Francesca and Ian Noble has nice chemistry along the spice of possession and punishment – Ian being the dominant and Francesca the submissive type. Francesca is an artist, her painting Cat was what got Ian’s attention when they met at a cocktail party and that’s when the sexual relationship began. Ian’s the wealthy businessman and Francesca’s just a simple woman earning enough from her works – same concept on most BDSM relationships however Beth Kery has done a good job to keep an 8-part series short yet can give you the type of adult romance you wanted.

It’s not too fast paced, not too slow. It’s got the right speed to put the bittersweet moments between Francesca and Ian. I actually liked how Ian make things special for Francesca by not only satisfying her in bed but letting her feel like a treasure for him as he shows her how he values her talent, passions and drive in life. Ian could be the most wicked in bed but he’s also got a soft side to touch Francesca’s delicate heart while controlling himself to not fall in love with her.

Take note, I haven’t even started the previous parts but I somehow understood where Francesca and Ian came from which was a good sign!

See you in our next Random Read and feel free to join too!

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