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The First Lie (Sneak Peek to The Lying Game)

The First Lie: A Lying Game Novella by Sara Shepard
Genres: Young Adult, Mystery
Short reaction: A preview of Sutton’s first lie that both screwed and spiced everything up!
Rating: 4 out of 5

My Thoughts

Okay so I remember the movie Mean Girls from this novella and all the Miss Popularity-ranking, prank-ing, backstabbing, flirting and all lies that all flourish in high school and this concept has been used over and over again since no doubt, it’s realistic BUT like what I felt after watching the movie and teasing the girls when they finally learned their lessons, I’m still amused by The Lying Game and how it all started.

I’m even as eager everytime I watch Pretty Little Liars to find out their secrets and what’s really to believe from The Lying Game queenbees Sutton, Madeline and Charlotte behind their long list of lies now – of course, I’m never agreeing with their games and what not just to be famous! But since I found this yet another amusing flick, lo and behold as their games begin!

But wait, how can I forget Thayer?!

My casting:

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