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Book Review: One For The Money by Janet Evanovich

One For The Money (Stephanie Plum, #1) by Janet Evanovich
Genres:Humor, Mystery Suspense, Contemporary Romance
Short reaction: You’ll love the humor and mystery at the same time!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5


One Fine Mess
Welcome to Trenton, New Jersey, home to wiseguys, average Joes, and Stephanie Plum, who sports a big attitude and even bigger money problems (since losing her job as a lingerie buyer for a department store). Stephanie needs cash – fast – but times are tough, and soon she’s forced to turn to the last resort of the truly desperate: family…

One False Move
Stephanie lands a gig at her sleazy cousin Vinnie’s bail bonding company. She’s got no experience. But that doesn’t matter. As does the fact that the bail jumper in question is local vice cop Joe Morelli. From the time he first looked up her dress to the time he first got into her pants, to the time Steph hit him with her father’s Buick, M-o-r-e-l-l-i has spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e. And now the hot guy is in hot water-wanted for murder…

One for the Money
Abject poverty is a great motivator for learning new skills, but being trained in the school of hard knocks by people like psycho prizefighter Benito Ramirez isn’t. Still, if Stephanie can nab Morelli in a week, she’ll make a cool ten grand. All she has to do is become an expert bounty hunter overnight – and keep herself from getting killed before she gets her man…

My Review

Also seen on Goodreads.

I remember I’ve put One For The Money on my movie watchlist and then while browsing Goodreads for a book that I’ll have to include on my St. Patrick’s Day challenge, it’s the first book I saw for something that starts with letter O. LOL I didn’t know this novel has been adapted to the movie I just added so I gave it a try. Let’s see how it entertained me:

First novel read from Evanovich and I’d be honest, this felt like first love! I loved its overall sense of humor and I wouldn’t have finished it without both its comedy and kinkiness. God knows I LOL’d my buns off reading this and I just couldn’t take it down.

Now let’s get to the ball game…

Stephanie Plum lost her job as a lingerie buyer at E.E. Martin and her nice Miata just got towed. She didn’t have food in the refrigerator to feed her starving stomach (and even Rex the hamster didn’t anymore find the hamster nuggets appealing anymore) . She already had to sell a few of her furniture in exchange of survival money. However she didn’t want to be selling everything she owns in her apartment any longer and only another well-paying job would be the solution. Good thing Vinnie, her cousin needed help in his agency and she thought atleast a minimum paying job would do. God has been good to her and it led her to find a nicer opportunity. Connie, Vinnie’s secretary suggested that instead of filing, she might want to do skip tracing (AKA being a bounty hunter). She definitely went biting the bullet when Connie told her that it’s one for the money because she’ll get 10% of the bond everytime she recovers an FTA.

This white, sexy, sweet cupcake Stephanie Plum didn’t have ANY experience in the field but has proven to be kickass especially when she was told her first target would be Joe Morelli. She’s more independent now, wiser at whatever Jersey has got on both its good and bad sides to this day and age so she thought catching this hot crook would be her last resort on bringing her life back. After all, Morelli had been part of her kinky past in high school and he should at least have paid her respect since then.

She may have found a few leads, interrogated a few people, seen possible witnesses in such a short period of time but it wasn’t just about it. This was even more than having spraypainted “pussy” on her Nova, being almost raped and molested, given a bloody present at her window or even bombed inside a Cherokee. There were also lives being taken – lives of those people who have spoken the more she connected bridges.

One For The Money will get you smiling and anticipating what move Stephanie Plum will do next in every chapter as she continued hunting Morelli or maybe not only Morelli but also the accessories around him drawing her nearer to the truth she needed.

Love of Characters

Morelli – I actually liked this guy. The last thing I know he’d be the man who’ll protect Stephanie because he won’t resist her being hurt by the psycho boxer Ramirez, his manager Jimmy Alpha or any FTA she could recover. He’s also a lot more gentleman than I expected.

Grandma Mazur – LOL this grandma watches a lot of violent things on TV and is the coolest grandma alive! She wears the most bizarre outfit on her age – good thing New Jersey doesn’t care. Loved her cool attitude!

Gazarra – adored this cop. He’s always there for his best friend Stephanie as he supported her and took time to train her to use her gun and be comfortable with it even if he was also the second to protest (aside from her parents) from doing this kind of job just to earn money. In the end, he was also the one who suggested the use of pepper/neuro spray in case she’ll miss her gun.

Ranger – His ghetto twang was actually cute and his being Superman for Stephanie’s FTA encounters made me crush on him. He’s been a good partner for Stephanie after all.

Plum – she’s the star what can I say! She’s done a great job as a bounty hunter while retaining her class and I guess she deserved a recognition as a desperate first-timer!

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